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LDA Buddy Learning System

Like learning to do most new things it's always more fun with two so we have developed something called the LDA Buddy Learning System. Simply put, it works by 2 people sharing each driving lesson and taking it turns to work through each maneuver and stage of the driving course. Each student learns normally whilst in the driver's seat and then through observation when not driving. It's a fun way to accelerate your learning whilst sharing the experience and COST of learning to drive in London.

Buddy Sytem Benefits

  • You'll build your confidence more quickly
  • Be calmer in stressful conditions
  • Have more fun learning difficult skills
  • You tend to learn faster - aided by passive learning
  • You'll (hopefully) encourage your buddy
  • You'll save up to 30% on your lessons

"I got my provisional licenece the same month as my best friend so we decided to try the buddy scheme. We had lot's of fun and our parents
were very happy about the money we saved".
Lucy D - London

The Buddy Learning System is just as intensive but more fun and motivating and who might just make a new friend! So if you like the idea of our buddy system...

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Using LDA’s advanced teaching techniques we’ll guide you through the entire DSA system including the theory, hazard perception and practical driving test.
intensive driving course - red course
Refresh your skills and build on your previous experience. The Amber Course is perfect for those who are happy with the basics but need a professional to help pass their driving test.
intensive driving course - Amber Course
Need to put the finishing touches to your driving knowledge and experience? The green course is also ideal for those with a foreign driving licence and need to pass the UK driving test.
intensive driving course - Green Course
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The complete service solution for employees needing to pass in a hurry.
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